Classroom Activity – Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: Teachers participated in a 2-part professional development session for integrating Physical Activity into classroom teaching. Teachers were asked to provide their classes with as many Classroom-Based Physical Activity opportunities as they felt comfortable with and to try to facilitate at least 1 CBPA bout per day.

Study Results: PA opportunities during the school day influence step counts in young children. In addition to PE and recess, we found that minutes of teacher-reported CBPA predicted significantly higher school-day step counts.

Reference: Calvert, H. G., Mahar, M. T., Flay, B., & Turner, L. (2017). Classroom-based physical activity: Minimizing disparities in school-day physical activity among elementary school students. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 15(3), 161–168.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good