Classroom Activity

Born to Move’ (BTM) intervention.

Initiative Description: ‘Born to Move’ (BTM) physical activity (PA) and fitness intervention consisting of class-based physical activity and fitness programmes set to music

Study Results: The BTM group were sedentary for 6.6 % less lesson time than the control group and engaged in MPA for significantly more lesson time (3.6 %; p = .009, d = .53) than the control group.

Reference: Fairclough, S. J., McGrane, B., Sanders, G., Taylor, S., Owen, M., & Curry, W. (2016). A non-equivalent group pilot trial of a school-based physical activity and fitness intervention for 10-11 year old English children: born to move. BMC Public Health, 16(1), 1–14.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good