Classroom Activity

Initiative Description: Nine classroom teachers were provided inexpensive curricula and trained to implement and instruct PA breaks (2 × 30 minute training sessions). The teachers were encouraged to lead 1 activity break per day after the training.

Study Results:Teachers (n = 5) who complied with the recommended 1 activity break per day had students who accrued ∼33% more mean school steps/day at follow-up (∼1100) and post follow-up (∼1350) compared to controls

Reference: Erwin, H. E., Beighle, A., Morgan, C. F., & Noland, M. (2011). Effect of a low‐cost, teacher‐directed classroom intervention on elementary students’ physical activity. Journal of School Health, 81(8), 455–461.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good