Classroom Activity

Initiative Description: The study consisted of three phases: baseline, intervention, and follow-up, with multiple on-task observations collected during each phase of the study. 15 minute intervention sessions occurred approximately two times a week for a total of six to eight sessions. During each intervention session, students watched a 4-minute videotape segment depicting a peer model demonstrating near 100% on-task behavior, which was accompanied by verbal coaching and small tangible reward.

Study Results: Results demonstrated large treatment effects on improved on task behavior across all three classrooms, which remained large in two of the classrooms at follow-up 4–8 weeks later.

Reference: Richards, L. C., Heathfield, L. T., & Jenson, W. R. (2010). A classwide peer-modeling intervention package to increase on-task behavior. Psychology in the Schools, 47(6), 551–566.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good