Classroom Activity

Activity and Motivation in Physical EDucation Intervention

Initiative Description:To maximize MVPA opportunities teachers learned to implement a number of PE-based teaching strategies that were organized into the following four categories: (i) ‘‘Maximizing Movement and Skill Development’’ (e.g., using small-sided games) and (ii) ‘‘Reducing Transition Time’’ (e.g., taking the class roll while students are active). Strategies to enhance student motivation were organized under the following headings: (iii) ‘‘Building Competence’’ (e.g., providing effective positive feedback) and (iv) ‘‘Supporting Students’’ (e.g., providing students with opportunities to make choices).

Study Results: significant positive effect on mathematics performance in adolescents.

Reference: Lubans, D. R. ., Beauchamp M. R. ., Diallo, T. M. O. ., Peralta, L. R. ., Bennie, A., White, R. L. 5,., … Londsdale, C. (2018). School Physical Activity Intervention Effect on Adolescents’ Performance in Mathematics. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 50(12), 2442–2450.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good