Classroom Activity

Initiative Description: Intervention teachers (3-5th grade) used a digital platform provided by HOPSports, a system that is used in a class or group environment that allows participants to follow an on-screen instructor leading an activity. The Brain Breaks Physical Activity Solutions consisted of 3-5 minute videos based on PA during breaks during the school day. All activities were designed as part of a standard-based lesson plan in order to address a particular skill or fitness component. Students and teachers could access the videos on the official project website at any time ( Teachers were instructed to choose a 3-5 minute video for their classes twice a day, and complete daily monthly repors showing the number of videos completed per month by their classes.

Study Results: Classroom exercise breaks improved students’ ‘Self-efficacy in learning with video exercises’ in experimental group. The Brain Breaks activities intervention contributed to the children’s development of health-related areas of knowledge including health, healthy lifestyle, and a healthy diet, and also some specific academic knowledge in the areas of language, mathematics, art, writing, music, culture, composition, and environmental protection.

Reference: Glapa, A., Grzesiak, J., Laudanska-Krzeminska, I., Chin, M., Edginton, C., Mok, M., & Bronikowski, M. (2018). The Impact of Brain Breaks Classroom-Based Physical Activities on Attitudes toward Physical Activity in Polish School Children in Third to Fifth Grade. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,15(2), 368. doi:10.3390/ijerph15020368

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good