Classroom Activity

The Early Truancy Prevention Program

Initiative Description: The ETPP has been designed to leverage the close relationship between students and their teacher in the primary grades. The teacher is encouraged and supported in taking on the role of the first responder to emerging attendance problems on the part of her students. Facilitating communication between teachers and parents (Universal), giving the teachers the lead role in intervening with individual students who begin to accumulate excessive absences (Focused), and encouraging referrals to specialists for chronic absentees (Specific).

Study Results: ETPP significantly reduced the prevalence of absenteeism without excessively burdening teachers. Teachers reported improved communication between parents and teachers and had a positive assessment.

Reference: Cook, P. J., Dodge, K. A., Gifford, E. J., & Schulting, A. B. (2017). A new program to prevent primary school absenteeism: Results of a pilot study in five schools. Children and Youth Services Review, 82, 262-270.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good