Classroom Activity

Healthy Habits Program (HHP)

Initiative Description: sessions were given before lunch and began with a brief 10-min talk about some of the healthy habits in question, such as diet, physical activity, sleep, and hygiene. This was followed by a physical exercise session consisting of a 15-min warm-up using games relating to the topic of the initial talk (themed games). The main part lasted for 40 min and used themed games for the first 22 sessions and modified sports for the rest of the sessions.

Study Results: Improved triglycerides, blood glucose and maximal oxygen consumption, sustained healthy BMI.

Reference: Pablos, A., Nebot, V., Vano-Vicent, V., Ceca, D., & Elvira, L. (2017). Effectiveness of a school – based program focusing on diet and health habits taught through physical exercise. Applied Physiology, Nutrtion, & Metabolism, 43(4).

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good