Before/Afterschool Activity

Initiative Description: Chrysalis is a weekly after-school drop-in group on O’ahu high school campuses for transgendered and questioning youth. Chrysalis group discussions focus on issues raised by the TG youth as well as topics proposed by the facilitator. Examples of group topics include anatomy, sex reassignment surgery, communication skills, decision-making skills and values clarification

Study Results: Improved self-efficacy for safe sex practices and healthier relationships. Chrysalis members also scored better than comparison group members in school participation, educational and career goals, self-esteem, friends and peer support, family, physical safety, sex reassignment surgery, alcohol and drug use

Reference: Bopp, P. J., Juday, T. R., & Charters, C. W. (2004). A school-based program to improve life skills and to prevent HIV infection in multicultural transgendered youth in Hawai’i. (Cover story). Journal Of Gay & Lesbian Issues In Education, 1(4), 3-21.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good