Educational or Curriculum – Environmental Change

Project Re-Fresh

Initiative Description: Project ReFresh integrates classroom-based nutrition education with cafeteria improvements that encourage students to choose more fruits & vegetables and whole grains. The ReFresh curriculum consists of 8 classroom-based nutrition education units that introduce content through reading, writing, math, and other activities. The environmental component aims to structure the food choices of students in the cafeteria to promote the consumption of FV through planned facilities and processes, improved food presentation, improved interactions between food service staff and students, and providing incentives to make healthful choices.

Study Results:

Reference: Song, H. J., Grutzmacher, S., & Munger, A. L. (2016). Project ReFresh: Testing the efficacy
of a school-based classroom and cafeteria intervention in elementary school
children. Journal of School Health, 86(7), 543-551.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good