Educational or Curriculum

Happy Air

Initiative Description: Happy Air is a coordinated multi-action program consisting of an educational plan, a written questionnaire & identification of children with asthma, clinical evaluation, and extracurricular activities, at school, to improve respiratory and psychological conditions of affected children. The Happy Air® program establishes a training plan for school staff, parents, and students and ensures proper identification of asthma.

Study Results: Improved quality of life measurement scores. Daytime symptoms, nocturnal symptoms, need for asthma treatment, and limitation of activities due to asthma were all improved.

Reference: Chini, L., Iannini, R., Chianca, M., Corrente, S., Graziani, S., La Rocca, M., & … Moschese, V. (2011). Happy Air®®, a successful school-based asthma educational and interventional program for primary school children. Journal Of Asthma, 48(4), 419-426.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good