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“Partners in School” Asthma Management Program

Initiative Description: The “Partners in School Asthma Management” program for inner-city elementary school children comprises (1) case finding; (2) linkage of school nurses, parents, and clinicians; (3) a computer-based tailored educational program; and (4) school environmental assessment and intervention.

Study Results: Increases in knowledge, self-efficacy, and some aspects of self-management. An enhanced intervention allowed children and their parents to meet with a project physician, develop an asthma action plan, and receive a 1-month supply of medication; the project physician then followed up with the child’s community physician.

Reference: Bartholomew, L. K., Sockrider, M. M., Abramson, S. L., Swank, P. R., Czyzewski, D. I., Tortolero, S. R., & … Tyrrell, S. (2006). Partners in school asthma management: evaluation of a self-management program for children with asthma. Journal Of School Health, 76(6), 283-290.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good