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The Roaring Adventures of Puff

Creating Asthma Friendly Schools Toolkit:

Initiative Description: The program was a multipronged intervention that targeted students with asthma and the broader community (school board, principal, teachers, and student body) of schools teaching grades 1‐5. The intervention included 2 key elements: (1) students with asthma were provided the Roaring Adventures of Puff (RAP), an asthma self‐management education interactive program, delivered in their schools using games, puppetry, art, skits, and homework to achieve learning objectives. (2)And for the broader school community, public health nurses implemented the Creating Asthma Friendly Schools Resource Kit ( Intervention schools received implementation activities completed by public health nurses: conduct creating asthma‐friendly school assessments; hold meetings with principals/assistant principals; provide hard copies of the Creating Asthma Friendly Schools: Resource Kit; provide in‐service/workshop to school personnel about asthma; (provide a school‐wide asthma assembly to students and staff; review and provide guidance on school forms and policy; provide all school staff an asthma education folder.

Study Results: Fewer children in the intervention group had a school absence (50% vs 60%; p < .01), required urgent care for asthma (41% vs 51%; p < .0001), or reported a day of interrupted activity (51% vs 63%; p < .01), and had improved quality of life . Schools in the intervention group were more likely to have practices supporting an asthma‐friendly environment

Reference: Cicutto, L., To, T., & Murphy, S. (2013). A randomized controlled trial of a public health nurse-delivered asthma program to elementary schools. Journal Of School Health, 83(12), 876-884.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good