Educational or Curriculum

Body Quest-Food of the Warrior

Initiative Description: Body Quest: Food of the Warrior (BQ), a childhood obesity prevention program. Educators provided 17 weekly, 45-minute BQ classes to the treatment group. Classes consisted of pre-assessments (weeks 1–2), intervention (weeks 3–15), and post-assessments (weeks 16–17). During the intervention, 6 nutrition topics were sequentially taught: trying new foods, food groups, balanced meals, food nutrients, healthy snacks, and extending fruit & vegetable consumption messages to others. At every intervention class, fruit & vegetable consumption were emphasized

Study Results: Increased fruit & vegetable consumption.

Reference: Struempler, B. J., Parmer, S. M., Mastropietro, L. M., Arsiwalla, D., & Bubb, R. R. (2014). Changes in fruit and vegetable consumption of third-grade students in body quest: food of the warrior, a 17-class childhood obesity prevention program. Journal of nutrition education and behavior, 46(4), 286-292.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good