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THE GUIDE- Mental Health Curriculum

Initiative Description: A high-school mental health curriculum (The Guide) for enhancing mental health literacy in Canadian schools. The Guide is a manualized mental health literacy resource consisting of six modules that are delivered in 10–12 hours of class time through a mix of didactic instruction, group discussion, group activities, self-directed learning, and video presentations. Modules cover topics including stigma and mental illness, understanding mental health and mental illness, information on specific mental illness, first voice experiences and impact of mental illnesses on individuals and families, help-seeking and the importance of positive mental health.

Study Results: Improved student knowledge and attitudes regarding mental health.

Reference: McIuckie, A., Kutcher, S., Wei, Y., & Weaver, C. (2014). Sustained improvements in students’ mental health literacy with use of a mental health curriculum in Canadian schools. BioMed Central Psychiatry, 14, 1-6.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good