Environmental Change

Initiative Description: The CATCH Eat Smart Program targeted the school food service staff and aimed to lower the total fat, saturated fat, and sodium content of school meals through training sessions, educational materials, and ongoing support visits to effect positive changes in the nutrient content of school meals.

Study Results: Implementation of the program lowered the total fat and saturated fat content of school lunches as offered while maintaining recommended amounts of calories and essential nutrients.

Reference: Osganian, S. K., Ebzery, M. K., Montgomery, D. H., Nicklas, T. A., Evans, M. A., Mitchell,
P. D., … & Bachman, K. J. (1996). Changes in the nutrient content of school lunches:
Results from the CATCH Eat Smart Food service Intervention. Preventive
Medicine, 25(4), 400-412.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good