Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: A school-based pilot prevention program for reducing Conduct Disorder (CD) symptoms and callous-unemotional (CU) traits (i.e., lack of empathy and guilt). eight weekly 45 min sessions and was conducted during school hours. Training sessions focused on developing or improving various skills, which were derived based on the recommendations of the National institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. program included activities aiming to: a) increase children’s awareness of their own and others’ emotions, b) teach self-control and emotion regulation, c) promote a positive self-concept, d) improve social skills and peer relations, and e) develop problem-solving and communication skills.

Study Results: Post-training reductions in Callous-Unemotional traits, conduct disorder and impulsivity. Improved the child’s social relationships with peers and parents.

Reference: Kyranides, M. N., Fanti, K. A., Katsimicha, E., & Georgiou, G. (2018). Preventing conduct disorder and callous unemotional traits: Preliminary results of a school-based pilot training program. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 46(2), 291–303.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good