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Making Choices

Initiative Description: A school-based, universal prevention program designed to reduce aggressive behavior of by strengthening emotion regulation and social information-processing (SIP) skills. (Making Choices and MakingChoicesPlus). A manual prescribes program content in lessons that are sequenced to build skills through a variety of exercises and activities. The manual includes tips for adapting the curriculum for populations of different ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds. The program has been delivered in a range of school and agency settings.

Two versions of the Making Choices program were evaluated in this study: (a) the classroom curriculum, referred to as MC from here forward, and (b) a multi-element version of the program, Making Choices Plus (MC+). The MC program is a 29-lesson, classroom-based curriculum that is comprised of seven units relating to SIP skills. The MC+ program augments the MC classroom curriculum with additional opportunities for parent and teacher involvement: (a) Family Nights (a didactic training program based on the; (b) an application activity manual designed to reinforce lesson content and (c) a 4-week trial of the Good Behavior Game. ”

Study Results: Reduced levels of aggression and improved SIP skills

Reference: Terzian, M. A., Li, J., Fraser, M. W., Day, S. H., & Rose, R. A. (2015). Social information processing skills and aggression: A quasi-experimental trial of the Making Choices and Making Choices Plus Programs. Research on Social Work Practice, 25(3), 358–369

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good