Educational or Curriculum

The Bullyproofing Your School Program

Initiative Description: The Bullyproofing Your School Program. As part of the BPYS program, teachers are given information and strategies to help them recognize bullying and intervene appropriately in bullying situations. Students are taught assertiveness and avoidance strategies, when to use each, and when and how to intervene as bystanders when they witness bullying. Parents are offered information through newsletters, and individual parents of students involved in bullying either as perpetrators or victims are given consultation. The intervention includes a classroom curriculum, with two optional sessions on conflict resolution and diversity.

Study results:BPYS led to (a) students recognizing that bullying was being discouraged in the school, (b) reduced bullying and related behaviors, and (c) perceptions of increased safety at school.

Reference: Menard, S., & Grotpeter, J. K. (2014). Evaluation of bully-proofing your school as an elementary school antibullying intervention. Journal of School Violence, 13(2), 188–209.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good