Educational or Curriculum

The Youth Matters Program (YM)

Initiative Description: The Youth Matters Program. Modules were taught by educational specialists in each of the experimental classrooms. Specialists were part of the project team and received 16 hours of initial training in the YM curriculum. Each curriculum session lasted approximately 90 minutes and occurred during the course of the regular school day.

Study Results: YM program had its most positive effect on students in the victim class; improvements in social and emotional skills, perceptions, attitudes, and self-efficacy beliefs that are effective tools in preventing and handling bullying incidents.

Reference: Jenson, J. M., Brisson, D., Bender, K. A., & Williford, A. P. (2013). Effects of the Youth Matters Prevention Program on patterns of bullying and victimization in elementary and middle school. Social Work Research, 37(4), 361–372.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good