Educational or Curriculum

The Youth Matters Program

Initiative Description: The Youth Matters Program. A classroom skills training curriculum aimed at preventing bullying and victimization among elementary students in the Denver, Colorado, public school system. Skill modules emphasize social competency and social resistance skills (e.g., asking for help, making better choices, standing up for yourself and others, preventing bullying behaviors, coping with bullying, etc.) that students can use to stay out of trouble, build positive relationships, make good decisions, and avoid antisocial behaviors.

Study Results: Participation in YM was associated with a 7% decline in bully victimization 1 year after the intervention ended.

Reference: Jenson, J. M., Dieterich, W. A., Brisson, D., Bender, K. A., & Powell, A. (2010). Preventing childhood bullying: Findings and lessons from the Denver Public Schools Trial. Research on Social Work Practice, 20(5), 509–517.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good