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Disarming the Playground

Initiative Description: Disarming the Playground is a school-based violence prevention program, unique because of its body-based approach: body-awareness and a deeper understanding of internal physical sensations, as well as social skills for coping with and diffusing violent situations. During the academic year of 2000–2001, all students in the three-second grade classrooms received one 45-min session per week for varying periods of time, depending upon the needs of the classroom, as determined by Kornblum (method author) and the classroom teacher.

Study Results: Reduced problematic behaviors and increased prosocial skills including: emotional self-regulation such as self-soothing and anger management, Increased non-verbal attunement and empathy, effective interpersonal communication, cognitive skills such as self-talk, ignoring and focusing, assertiveness, and self-confidence and greater interpersonal spatial awareness.

Reference: Hervey, L. & Kornblum, R. (2006). An evaluation of Kornblum’s body-based violence prevention curriculum for children. Arts in Psychotherapy, 33, 113–129.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good