Educational or Curriculum

The PeaceBuilders Program.

Initiative Description:The peacebuilders universal school-based violence prevention program. The intervention is purposely woven into the school’s everyday routine rather than presented as a time- or subject-limited curriculum. Thus, Peace Builders is not offered as a set number of sessions or hours per week but includes activities that can be implemented on a daily basis in any classroom by any teacher or staff person. Specifically, Peace Builders attempts to change characteristics of the setting (antecedents) that trigger aggressive, hostile behavior, and it increases the daily frequency and salience of both live and symbolic prosocial models.

Study Results: Reduced aggressive behaviors and increased prosocial and peacebuilding behaviors.

Reference: Flannery DJ, Vazsonyi AT, Liau AK, Guo S, Powell KE, Atha H, Vesterdal W, Embry D. (2003). Initial behavior outcomes for the peacebuilders universal school-based violence prevention program. Developmental Psychology, 39(2), 292-308.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good