Educational or Curriculum

The Beyond Blame Curriculum

Initiative Description: Beyond Blame, a violence prevention media literacy curriculum. Made up of 10 lessons lasting 45-50 min each, Beyond Blame builds upon a four-step learning process of awareness, analysis, reflection, and action. In this process, students are taught to deconstruct media messages that convey violence has no consequences and is an acceptable way to resolve conflict.

Study Results: Reduced aggressive behaviors + Increased knowledge of five core concepts/key questions of media literacy, increased self-rated exposure to media violence, as well as stronger beliefs that media violence affects viewers and that people can protect themselves by watching less.

Reference: Fingar, K. R. & Jolls, T. (2014). Evaluation of a school-based violence prevention media literacy curriculum. Injury Prevention, 20, 183-190.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good