Educational or Curriculum

The Positive Action program

Initiative Description: 5 year trial of a multicomponent school-based social and character development program designed to improve academics, student behaviors, and character. It is grounded in a broad theory of self-concept. Lessons are grouped into 6 major units: self-concept, mind and body positive actions (e.g., nutrition, physical activity, decision-making skills, motivation to learn), social and emotional actions for managing oneself responsibly (e.g., emotion regulation, time management), getting along with others (e.g., empathy, respect, treating others as one would like to be treated), being honest with yourself and others, and self-improvement. The program is taught by classroom teachers.

Study Results: Decreased likelihood of engaging in violent behaviors and Risk-related behaviors were substantially reduced.

Reference: Beets, M. W., Flay, B. R., Vuchinich, S., Snyder, F. J., Acock, A., Li, K. K., … Durlak, J. (2009). Use of a social and character development program to prevent substance use, violent behaviors, and sexual activity among elementary-school students in Hawaii. American Journal of Public Health, 99(8), 1438–1445

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good