Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: A Disordered eating prevention program: Eating, Feminine Aesthetic Beauty Model and Mass Media: How to train Critical Students in Secondary Schools. The program included two components: NUT and ML. Classes of participants assigned to the NUT+ML and ML conditions received the program session once a week, over 5 and 4 weeks, respectively, whereas control participants had normal classes. The NUT component is made up of one 90‐minute session directed towards correcting false beliefs on nutrition, by providing knowledge about balanced eating and analysis of menus. ML consists of two 90‐minute sessions and two 60‐minute activism sessions aimed at several aspects, such as criticizing the prevailing aesthetic model, by making a historical and cross‐cultural comparison, and criticizing the female model of beauty presented in the media.

Study Results: Reduced long-term self-reported disordered eating attitudes and internalization of the aesthetic body ideal (at 30 month follow-up).

Reference: González, M., Penelo, E., Gutiérrez, T., & Raich, R. M. (2011). Disordered eating prevention program in schools: A 30-month follow-up. European Eating Disorders Review, 19(4), 349–356.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good