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Happy Being Me

Initiative Description: The co-educational body image intervention (Happy Being Me Co-educational) designed to reduce body dissatisfaction and its risk factors in Grade 7 girls. Consisted of a three-lesson program for girls was designed to address the individual psychological risk factors for body dissatisfaction of internalization of the thin media body ideal, body comparisons, and self-esteem (Rodgers, Paxton, & McLean, 2014), and the peer environment risk factors of appearance conversations and weight-related teasing.

Study Results: Significant improvements in body dissatisfaction and psychological risk factors were observed in the intervention group.

Reference: Dunstan, C. J., Paxton, S. J., & McLean, S. A. (2017). An evaluation of a body image intervention in adolescent girls delivered in single-sex versus co-educational classroom settings. Eating Behaviors, 25, 23–31.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good