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The CW-FIT intervention

Initiative Description: The CW-FIT intervention emphasizes 3 skills: 1) how to get the teacher’s attention 2) how to follow directions the first time 3) how to ignore inappropriate behavior. The intervention was carried out in a 1st grade classroom. Teaching/introducing each skill last 10-15 minutes and including posting the skill, choral reading of the steps, discussing the importance/rationale as a class, discussing how the skill fit in with school-wide expectations, role play, and reviewing the skill. Students were placed in teams of 5, and each team had to demonstrate the skill to earn a point. Prior to the start of the intervention each day, the teacher reviewed point totals and what the reward would be for the successful teams. On-task behavior and teacher praise increased after intervention in all 3 settings. Additionally, 3 students identified as at-risk for problem behaviors decreased disruptive behaviors in response to the intervention.

Study results: Improved student on-task behavior and reduced disruptive behavior.

Reference: Wills, H. P., Iwaszuk, W. M., Kamps, D., & Shumate, E. (2014). CW-FIT: Group Contingency Effects across the Day. Education and Treatment of Children,37(2), 191-210. doi:10.1353/etc.2014.0016

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars  Good