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Asthma: It’s a Family Affair!

Initiative Description: Asthma: It’s a Family Affair!, a school-based intervention for adolescents with asthma and their caregiver. Treatment group students participated in interactive 75‐minute group sessions held once per week for 6 weeks. Lesson topics included: information and feelings about asthma; asthma medication; prevention and management of asthma symptoms; problem‐solving and coping with negative feelings about asthma; and communicating about asthma to peers and teachers, relaxation exercises, and healthy behaviors, including smoking refusal skills and avoiding exposure to second‐hand smoke + A parent training to teach child‐rearing skills that support the youth’s growing autonomy and need to self‐manage their asthma.

Study Results: Intervention caregivers reported better problem-solving with children. Intervention students were more responsible for carrying medication, took more prevention steps, and woke fewer nights from asthma.

Reference: Bruzzese, J., Unikel, L., Gallagher, R., Evans, D., & Colland, V. (2008). Feasibility and impact of a school-based intervention for families of urban adolescents with asthma: Results from a randomized pilot trial. Family Process, 47(1), 95-113

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good