Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: The Intervention + condition included 4 components: traditional Network-LAUSD program, new standardized nutrition curriculum, teacher training workshops, and parent nutrition education workshops. The LAUSD activities included programs that brought chefs and farmers to the school, theatrical performances with a nutrition theme, physical activity, art, and the most common program, Harvest of the Month (HOM), which is a classroom-based program that introduces a new type of fruit or vegetable to students each month. The parent nutrition education program consisted of 5 workshops, each of which lasted approximately 90 minutes.

Study Results: The Intervention+ resulted in a positive change in knowledge (P < .05), attitudes and beliefs toward vegetables (P < .01), and teacher influence on students’ FV attitudes (P < .05).

Reference: Prelip, M., Kinsler, J., Le Thai, C., Erausquin, J. T., & Slusser, W. (2012). Evaluation of a school-based multicomponent nutrition education program to improve young children’s fruit and vegetable consumption. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 44(4), 310-318.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good