Community Partnership – Classroom Activity

Initiative Description: Schools created their own hybrid intervention: a combination of district strategies, local school defined strategies, and “home‐made” strategies/activities created by teachers. For example, with funding from the District, each school could use this money for a variety of district defined activities as well as efforts created at the local school. District activities included programs that brought chefs and farmers to the school, theatrical performances with a nutrition theme, physical activity, art, etc

Study Results: Improved attitudes towards fruit & vegetable consumption

Reference: Prelip, M., Slusser, W., Thai, C. L., Kinsler, J., & Erausquin, J. T. (2011). Effects of a
school-based nutrition Program diffused throughout a large urban community on
attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to fruit and vegetable consumption. Journal
of School Health, 81(9), 520-529

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good