Classroom Activity

Initiative Description: This study evaluated the preliminary efficacy and feasibility of “Thinking While Moving in English”, a primary school program that integrates physical activity into English lessons. The advantage of TWM-E over school-based physical activity interventions is the use of the existing English curriculum in learning activity design, which enables teachers to meet subject syllabus requirements and physical activity outcomes simultaneously. The program components consisted of 3 × 40 min physically active academic lessons per week, delivered over a 4-week period.

Study results: The use of “Thinking While Moving in English” resulted in significant improvements in on-task behavior and spelling in the intervention group.

Reference: Mavilidi, M., Lubans, D., Eather, N., Morgan, P., & Riley, N. (2018). Preliminary Efficacy and Feasibility of “Thinking While Moving in English”: A Program with Physical Activity Integrated into Primary School English Lessons. Children, 5(8), 109.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good