Classroom Activity

Instant Recess®

Initiative Description: Instant Recess® is a 10-minute low-impact physical activity break that consists of: 7 – 8 aerobic-based callisthenic, dance, or sports-related movements to upbeat, rhythmic music set at a moderate pace

Schools were randomly assigned to immediate (N = 4) or delayed intervention control (N = 4) groups; intervention was to provide teachers with a tool and technical assistance with using Instant Recess; eight staff members from each school participated in a half-day training workshop; Pre-intervention and post-intervention data were collected at the classroom level to determine the impact of the PA policy and Instant Recess; data were collected by trained observers using a modified version of the System for Observing Instructional Fitness Time (SOFIT); data collectors also qualitatively recorded the Instant Recess routine observed and their impressions of student engagement.

Study Results: The use of Instant Recess in elementary schools resulted in a significant increase in physical activity and time spent engaging in on-task behaviors, which indicates that this program may be useful to influence policy change.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good