Classroom Activity


Initiative Description: Teachers were trained to use Take10!, a program that brings physical activity in the classroom. The program:

  • integrates movement with core curriculum concepts in each activity
  • includes nutrition education and physical activity lessons

Prior to the start of the intervention; each class was observed once a week during the 4-week baseline period and once a week during weeks 9 to 12 of the intervention period; 5 second observation periods were used

Study Results: The implementation of Take10! In elementary school classrooms resulted in significant increases in on-task behavior.

Reference: Goh, T. L., Hannon, J., Webster, C., Podlog, L., & Newton, M. (2016). Effects of a TAKE 10! classroom-based physical activity intervention on third-to fifth-grade children’s on-task behavior. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 13(7), 712-718.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good