Before/Afterschool Activity

Fitness Improves Thinking (FIT) Kids program

Initiative Description: Fitness Improves Thinking or FIT Kids program is a part of a largescale randomized controlled design created to improve the physical fitness of children; children from one Midwest County were recruited for participation in a 120-mins after school program located on the campus of a major university;  the FIT Kids program was offered every day after school; however, participants did not attend on days of school closures and early dismissals, during which time the participants were given physical activity homework (i.e., a worksheet with a physical activity task and tracking system); 152 sessions of the FIT Kids program were offered; typical FIT Kids lesson centered around a health-related fitness theme such as nutrition or self-management and began with the initial physical activity requiring the participants to engage in a variety of fitness activities for up to 40 min.

Study results: Having students engage in the program resulted in the participants scoring higher on the Stroop test and trail making test when compared to baseline measures.

Reference: Castelli, D. M., Hillman, C. H., Hirsch, J., Hirsch, A., & Drollette, E. (2011). FIT Kids: Time in target heart zone and cognitive performance. Preventive Medicine, 52, S55-S59.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good