Classroom Activity – School Wide Activity

Initiative Description: A total of 378 urban elementary students participated in an 8- month healthy school transformation that included both physical activity and nutrition programming. The Building Healthy Communities (BHC) program is a nutrition and physical activity program that has six main components: (1) principal engagement, (2) classroom physical activity and nutrition education, (3) active recess, (4) physical education, (5) healthy kids club, and (6) student leadership team; measurements were taken from the students at two different time points.

Study Results: The use of the program designed by Building Healthy Communities, that inculded classroom physical activity breaks resulted in elementary students aerobic fitness and physcial activity levels positively impacted improvement in math scores.

Reference: Centeio, E. E., Somers, C. L., Moore, E. W. G., Kulik, N., Garn, A., Martin, J., & McCaughtry, N. (2018). Relationship between academic achievement and healthy school transformations in urban elementary schools in the United States. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 23(4), 402-417.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good