Environmental Change

Initiative Description: School nutrition action groups to define what they wanted to be changed in their school and determine their own solutions to the issues raised. Each group had: school senior management so that the Group had managerial support to be able to implement any changes; teacher(s) to facilitate the Group and link with the curriculum; school cook and possibly an Area Catering Manager; 8–10 students to ensure all year groups were represented.

Study Results: A wider choice of food was sold in the intervention schools as a result of suggestions from the Nutrition Action Groups. Presence of the Groups resulted in many activities being linked to school meals (e.g. competitions, a sandwich of the week, posters, assemblies) and the initiation of several new services (e.g. take‐away service, mid‐morning, breakfast service).

Reference: Passmore, S., & Harris, G. (2005). School Nutrition Action Groups and their effect upon secondary school aged pupils’ food choices. Nutrition Bulletin, 30(4), 364-369.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good