Educational or Curriculum

REBEL program for eating disorders

Initiative Description: REBEL is a  module-based, continuous Eating Disorder prevention program that utilizes a self-selection model of prevention in a high school setting. Thus, the program is seamlessly integrated into a high-school, modeling an after-school activity. In the REbeL program, empowerment is hypothesized to facilitate youth (as members of community-based groups) to challenge the thin ideal while also working to increase feelings of self-esteem and positive body image. 

Study results: Significant decreases in ED risk factors and increases in empowerment.

Reference: Breithaupt, L., Eickman, L., Byrne, C. E., & Fischer, S. (2017). Enhancing empowerment in eating disorder prevention: Another examination of the REbeL peer education model. Eating Behaviors, 25, 38–41.

Level of evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good