Educational or Curriculum

Skills-based health education.

Initiative Description: Skills-based health education is an approach to create healthy lifestyles and skills using participatory methods. They watched a 15-minute role play performed by four students, followed by a 15-minute small group discussion on the benefits of regular physical activity, looking at the barriers and the strategies to overcome barriers. This was intended to help them exercise negotiation skills and critical thinking. It was followed by a 15-minute demonstration and game-playing exercise, which was intended to help students exercise interpersonal skills to help them learn about regular physical activity. It was followed by a 15-minute problem-solving exercise intended to help students exercise skills such as critical and creative thinking, decision making, stress and time management.

Study Results: Skills-based education resulted in a significantly greater increase of students’ physical activity compared with the lecture method as well as in increased knowledge regarding PA.

Reference: Simbar, M., Aarabi, Z., Keshavarz, Z., Ramezani-Tehrani, F., & Baghestani, A. R. (2017). Promotion of physical activity of adolescents by skill-based health education. Health Education, 117(2), 207–214.

Level of evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good