Educational or Curriculum

The CHILT I Project

Initiative Description: The school-based Children’s Health Interventional Trial (the CHILT I Project) combines health education and physical activity for children. The teachers were asked to give one extra health education lesson per week (20–30 min). The main topics of the health education program dealt with biological background, nutrition, and self-management. Additionally, physical activity breaks (5 min each) were allowed during lessons once in the morning.

Study results: increased overall PA. Improved physical performance and coordination (Improvements in lateral jumping and balancing backwards were significantly higher).

Reference: Graf, C., Koch, B., Falkowski, G., Jouck, S., Christ, H., Staudenmaier, K., … & Dordel, S. (2008). School-based prevention: Effects on obesity and physical performance after 4 years. Journal of Sports Sciences, 26(10), 987–994.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good