Classroom Activity

Initiative Description: A 32-week program of classroom and gym activities was conducted in second- and third- grade classes. Children discover, explore, inquire and learn the bases of healthy behaviors in a challenging, scientific setting, with the support of scientists/health professionals/students. Knowledge is brought home and shared with their families

Study Results: Significant positive outcomes in health/science knowledge, attitudes (healthy food selection), behaviors (e.g., increased steps, increased body acceptance), and increased interest in science and health-related careers.

Reference: Smith, F., Porter, D., Schiller, K., Murt, L., Allen, J., & … Smith, A. C. (2007). Program ENERGY: Scientists and students in the classroom tackling type 2 diabetes and obesity in elementary schools. Appetite, 49(1), 282

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good