Educational or Curriculum – Environmental Change

Initiative Description: Comprehensive malaria prevention education program. Activities included: posters displayed on the walls of their classroom after teaching. Teachers guiding children through dramatizing the transmission of malaria and prevention methods; The teachers leading children to observe their school compound and cleared possible mosquito breeding sites such as open cans and dumped containers; teachers composed a song in the local language (Ga-Dangme) on malaria entitled ‘pumi (mosquito) song’, to educate the children and community and children conducting a one-day anti-malaria campaign in which they educated the village residents.

Study Results: Improved knowledge about malaria & decreased parasite prevalence in children.

Reference: Ayi, I., Nonaka, D., Adjovu, J.K., Hanafusa, S., Jimba, M., Bosompem, K.M., … & Kobayashi, J. (2010) School-based participatory health education for malaria control in Ghana: engaging children as health messengers. Malaria Journal, 9(98) 1-12.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good