Educational or Curriculum

“Smoking Deserves a Smart Answer” Curriculum.

Initiative Description: This curriculum was developed by the American Lung Association and gives children health information about smoking, teaches problem-solving skills, informs students about the different pressures in the environment that influence them to smoke, and helps them make a public commitment not to smoke. The curriculum is divided into seven sessions and includes homework assignments that require parental participation, a video showing peer models making the decision not to
smoke and saying no when offered a cigarette, and provides the students with many opportunities to role play making decisions and combatting the environmental influences to smoke

Study Results: Decreased tobacco use.

Reference: Kaufman, J. S., Jason, L. A., Sawlski, L. M., & Halpert, J. A. (1994). A comprehensive multi-media program to prevent smoking among black students. Journal of Drug Education, 24(2), 95–108.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good