Educational or Curriculum

SunSmart program.

Initiative Description: To adhere to school scheduling requirements, the revised curriculum comprised three 1-h lessons over 3 weeks. Each 1-h unit included a brief lecture, indoor project-based activities to illustrate theory-driven learning objectives and outdoor interactive activities designed to increase children’s perceived self-efficacy and to reduce and overcome barriers in sun-protective behaviors.

Study Results: Increased sun protection knowledge and attitudes.

Reference: Miller, K. A., Langholz, B. M., Ly, T., Harris, S. C., Richardson, J. L., Peng, D. H., & Cockburn, M. G. (2015). SunSmart: evaluation of a pilot school-based sun protection intervention in Hispanic early adolescents. Health Education Research, 30(3), 371–379.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good