Educational or Curriculum

Explore. Define. Measure- Curriculum

Initiative Description: An Integrated Curriculum for the Elementary Classroom was designed to enhance the core content areas of mathematics, science, and communication arts while improving knowledge and awareness of asthma. For instance, one group of lessons used students’ measurements of their peak flow readings to reinforce math concepts. Concepts, such as range, mode, median, as well as graphing and charting of individual and group level data, are applied to the peak flow meter readings

Study Results: Increased knowledge related to asthma

Reference: Pike, E. V., Richmond, C. M., Hobson, A., Kleiss, J., Wottowa, J., & Sterling, D. A. (2011). Development and evaluation of an integrated asthma awareness curriculum for the elementary school classroom. Journal of Urban Health, 88(S1), 61–67.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good