Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: A science education curriculum on drugs for fourth- and fifth-grade students. Moreover, the curriculum consists of four separate educational programs, each designed for children in specific grades: kindergarten through first, second through third, fourth through fifth, and sixth through eighth. Each program includes a range of components, including a teachers’ guide, interactive student materials, multimedia and parent materials, and contains individual lessons with specific learning objectives. The curriculum covers several types of drugs and articles & contains six lessons that were administered to students over a 6-week period.

Study Results: Improved knowledge and attitudes regarding substance use.

Reference: Holtz, K. D., & Twombly, E. C. (2007). A preliminary evaluation of the effects of a science education curriculum on changes in knowledge of drugs in youth. Journal of Drug Education, 37(3), 317–333.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good