Educational or Curriculum

Click City®: Alcohol

Initiative Description: Click City®: Alcohol program for 7th graders, with a booster in 8th grade. The program consists of six lessons delivered in 7th grade, with a two-lesson booster delivered in the 8th grade. The 7th-grade program includes 16 activities combined into 10 components including alcohol chemical composition, loss of control consequences, physical and mental addiction and social perception of drinking.

Study Results: Decreased intentions towards alcohol consumption.

Reference: Gordon, J. S., Andrews, J. A., Hampson, S. H., Gunn, B., Christiansen, S. M., & Jacobs, T. (2017). Postintervention effects of Click City ®: Alcohol on changing etiological mechanisms related to the onset of heavy drinking. Health Education & Behavior, 44(4), 626–637.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good