Educational or Curriculum

Project EX

Initiative Description: Project EX is an empirically validated teen tobacco use cessation program and provides motivation-coping skills-commitment material. The program comprises (a) role playing (talk shows), where volunteers fill the role of each guest and the public should direct questions to the guests; (b) alternative medicine strategies including healthy breathing, characterized by slow and deep breaths, and yoga and meditation activities, which involves focusing attention on the present moment; and (c) a game, “Is Smoking in the Menu,” which divides the participants into teams to answer questions about tobacco. It involves eight sessions delivered in classrooms over a 6-week period

Study Results: Decreased smoking intentions.

Reference: Espada, J. P., Gonzálvez, M. T., Guillén-Riquelme, A., Sun, P., & Sussman, S. (2014). Immediate effects of Project EX in Spain: A classroom-based smoking prevention and cessation intervention program. Journal of Drug Education, 44(1–2), 3–18.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good