Educational or Curriculum

Project Towards No Drug Abuse

Initiative Description: Curriculum content includes sessions on active listening and effective communication, stereotyping, drug myths, chemical dependence, coping with stress, role-play (talk show), perspective taking, self-control, and decision making. Lessons were delivered over a four-week period at the school, with lessons taking place on Tuesday through Thursday in order to maximize attendance. The curriculum was delivered to different schools throughout the school year (October through June). Dates of delivery were balanced across conditions.

Study Results: Improved knowledge and attitudes regarding substance use

Reference: Dent, C. W., Sussman, S., Hennesy, M., Galaif, E. R., Stacy, A. W., Moss, M., & Craig, S. (1998). Implementation and process evaluation of a school-based drug abuse prevention program: Project towards no drug abuse. Journal of Drug Education, 28(4), 361–375.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good