Educational or Curriculum

The Wise Mind Project

Initiative Description: The Wise Mind pilot study compared the efficacy of an environmental Alcohol/Tobacco/Drug (ATD) prevention program with an obesity prevention program of Healthy Eating and Exercise (HEE) as an active control group for modifying expectancies related to alcohol and tobacco use in children.

Study Results: The ATD program resulted in healthier alcohol and tobacco expectancies as compared to the HEE program.

Reference: Copeland, A. L., Williamson, D. A., Kendzor, D. E., Businelle, M. S., Rash, C. J., Kulesza, M., & Patterson, S. M. (2010). A school-based alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention program for children: The wise mind study. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 34(6), 522–532.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good